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IoT Solutions for Cold Chain

Through our cold chain solution, take full control of your business' refrigeration system, reporting usage and consumption data to a centralized cloud, and issue alarms for one or more predefined incidents.

Scope of the IoT Solution for Cold Chain in multiple industries

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Goods and supplies delivery companies that require precise control of the cold chain find in our IoT solution an essential tool. Supervising and managing the refrigeration system ensures the delivery of products in optimal conditions, meeting quality and safety standards.

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Hospitals, clinics and laboratories that temporarily store cold-sensitive medications benefit greatly from our solution. Real-time monitoring guarantees the effectiveness of medications, ensuring ideal storage conditions and avoiding possible economic losses.

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Supermarkets and stores ensure product temperature with our IoT solution. Accurate cold chain control ensures freshness, building trust and protecting reputation.

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Canteens and schools rely on our solution to ensure optimal food temperature. Continuous monitoring and responsiveness ensure food safety and comply with health standards.

All implementations are monitored in real time on the Exolinked platform designed for the client.

Temperature control and monitoring

Door opening and closing sensor

Camera to request photos of the merchandise

Wifi connection

Connection to the telephone network

GPS Monitoring

Bluetooth connection

Devices with Exolinked platform tracking IoT solution for Cold Chain

Exolinked offers a comprehensive and adaptable solution that increases efficiency and quality in various industrial sectors.

Exolinked' s IoT solution for cold chain management presents itself as a versatile tool applicable to various industries.

illustrative image of cold chain solution for supermarkets


illustrative image of cold chain solution for retail stores

Kiosks and stores

illustrative image of cold chain solution for industries

Cold storage

From supermarkets and kiosks to stores of various sizes, this innovative technology ensures efficient, real-time monitoring of temperature and environmental conditions of sensitive products.

In addition, its adaptability extends to cold storage, optimizing the preservation of perishable products.

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illustrative image of cold chain solution for canteens

Dining rooms and gastronomy

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Health and laboratories

In the logistics field, Exolinked facilitates continuous monitoring during transport, ensuring the integrity of the cold chain.

Likewise, its implementation is ideal in canteens and gastronomy, allowing a precise handling of fresh ingredients and products.

In the health and laboratory sector, this solution guarantees the preservation of medicines and samples, complying with the necessary quality and safety standards.

Cold Chain Solution


Temperature measurement in refrigerators can be carried out in two ways: by integrating a temperature sensor provided by Exolinked or by the intervention of the controller board, capturing the reading of the pre-existing sensor.

The choice of method will depend on the specific deployment and refrigerator models to be implemented, always opting for the most convenient option, regardless of the associated cost.

Functional Map IoT Solution for Cold Chain EXOlinked

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App private parking solution

Versions for the implementation of the IoT Solution for Cold Chain:

 LiteFull VideoMobile
Temperature sensorYESYESYES
Door opening sensorYESYESYES
Motion sensorNOYESYES
Product recognition by ChamberNOYESNO
Data transmission over WI FI and/or mobile networkYESYESYES
Possibility of satellite connectionNONOYES
Dataloguer (Data storage)YESYESYES
Alarms by MailYESYESYES
Alarms by SMS or Whatsapp messagesNOYESYES
Power presence measurementYESYESYES
Graphs of electricity consumption parametersNOYESNO
BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologyNOYESYES
Connection of multiple sensorsNOYESYES
Geolocation of the unitNOYESYES
Theft tracking (48 h battery)NOYESYES
Connection to external batteryNONOYES

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