Internet of Things

IoT solution for smart tracking of objects and people

Intelligent tracking allows the tracking of objects and people in enclosed or public spaces through satellite geolocation.

Exolinked Goods and People Tracking Solution

The monitoring of all kinds of goods is possible thanks to our tracking solution, which allows you to identify a product, item or other type of good through a device according to the need, and thus be able to quickly locate the item in question.

In this way, you can track both in private spaces, as in the case of tracking elements in companies, offices or any type of closed environment. And also in public spaces through satellite geolocation.

Practical benefits

Simplify the management and tracking of elements shared between sectors. Apply an indoor location by means of tags of the type RFIDRFID or Radio Frequency Identificationtags, managing a constant traceability of the element throughout the building.

Automate asset tracking from the moment it leaves one sector until it arrives at another location, whether or not it's the same building.

Apply tracking systems for people who arrive as visitors, to perform work or temporary tasks, being able to control the entry, internal movement, and work done on a specific area of your company or property.

Limit people's movements to a certain area, according to the work to be done.

IoT equipment for tracking goods and people

Technical features

This solution is designed in a modular way, and can be adapted to the needs of your business, thus tracking any element that you consider essential to monitor: a person, a medical team, administrative folders, paintings or museum pieces, tools, among countless other elements that you want to monitor.

Short and long range RFID tags.

RFID arches for tag detection.

Locators via geopositioning.

Accelerometer for motion detection.

Emergency button.

Management software system.

Operating software system.

Wireless communicators as needed (satellite, WiFi, LoRa, NB-IoT, etc.).

Public or ON-Premisecloud storage.

Use cases

Museums and Exhibition Halls
Hospitals, Police Stations
Military Departments
Companies, Shops, Deposits
Workshops and Logistics Areas

Brochure Solution Tracking of goods and people

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