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IoT solution for measuring water, gas and electricity consumption

Get accurate data on the consumption of water, gas and electricity services in homes, housing complexes and businesses.

Measuring Exolinked service consumption

The solution for consumption measurement is entirely designed to be coupled in a non-invasive way to the utility companies' own consumption meters, as well as to be adapted to any other need of private companies.

It allows to measure, with extreme precision, theconsumption made by a house, housing complex, or company, to then process the billing of the service in a transparent way for all the parties involved, as well as to detect in time and form any possible leak or failure of the meter.

Practical benefits

According to the meters used today, our non-invasive system is coupled to them, taking from them the information sent by infrared pulses or low frequency pulses, depending on the type of device.

Our consumption solution collects the information shared by the meter and then sends it to the central server.

We also have solutions that can be coupled to current meter technology, integrating an external metering system, thus avoiding the need for older meters to be replaced.


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IoT equipment for consumption measurement Exolinked

Technical features

The consumption measurement system can be adapted to the customer's needs or the availability of the technical infrastructure in the area. In this way, each consumption meter collects the information and sends it directly to the central server, using long-range RF networks, or forwards the collected information to an area concentrator, which then sends all the information to the central server.

We currently collect data from the utility meters of:


  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity (single-phase and three-phase)

The form of transmission of the collected information can be through any of the existing radio frequency technologies, such as: 4G, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Zigbee, or any other.

The reading that our meter allows to make is also adaptable to the meter to which we must connect, being able to be:


  • infrared pulse reading
  • low frequency pulse reading
  • Computer vision with analog digit reading

For those cases where it is necessary to collect sensed data through a concentrator, it will use the technology defined by the client or, in case the client does not have deep knowledge about it, our consultancy can define the best radiofrequency technology to transmit, according to the technical feasibility of the area (or areas) to be covered.

Use cases

Family housing
companies and businesses
Shopping tours
Public places

Consumer Metering Solution Brochure

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