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We enhance and scale the needs of industry and logistics, integrating intelligent solutions that automate and facilitate the daily work of these sectors.

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Shops and retails

The shops and chains of sale to the general public, have a series of intelligent solutions that allow them to scale their business, incorporating value-added solutions, both for their employees and their customers.

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Agricultural area

Technology in agriculture and livestock farming is a fact and that is why we have various solutions that enhance your business, providing the remarkable added value that it gives.

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The Internet of things for every segment and need

As a corporate division entirely focused on the construction of Internet-based projects of Things, we carry out implementations of great institutional impact.

Modular and customised smart solutions

Our solutions include, intelligent parking ESParking, precision agriculture, logistics applications, industrial control and monitoring of goods, among others. We cover from deployment activities to medium scale civil works.

Analysis, integration and technological development

Each new solution we stand up, conjugates different gears, among which we highlight the technical-functional analysis of cases, pre-sales engineering deployment, custom software integration, custom design and development of electronics elements, management of data networks and private and mobile UHF transmission networks, and the integration of more modern communication services such as SigfoxWirelessnetworkto connect low-power devices that need to be continuously on and sending small amounts of data. LoRaWANNetworkprotocolfor communicating and managing LoRa (Wireless Radio Frequency Technology) devices, NB-IoTNarrowbandIoT is a low power wide area network (LPWAN) radio technology standard for enabling a wide range of cellular devices and services. CAT-M1LTE-M, short for LTE Cat-M1, is a new Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology, developed for IoT applications. and ZigbeeA setof high-level wireless communication protocols for use with low-power digital broadcasting. ZigbeeA set of high-level wireless communication protocols for use with low-power digital broadcasting, among others.

We work across any corporate segment, which is why we develop solutions for smart cities, medical technology, industry and business, retail chains and the countryside, among many other segments.

DATCO Group and EXO strategic alliance

The strategic alliance between the DATCO Group and the company EXO was celebrated and as a starting point we began with the development and manufacturing process of different sensors to be connected to the Sigfox Network, responding to various industry segments.

EXO markets new Control Unit and Multi-Touch Display

The firm INTAI from Peru, EXO's partner in Lima, chose us as manufacturers of these control and interaction units for food markets.

IoT Solutions for Industry 4.0 Showroom

The Technology Showroom on IoT solutions was held at the Metallurgical Technology Center of the Industrial Park of Florencio Varela.

We were present at Intel Experience Day 2019 in Chile

In our stand we have shown our Smart Parking solutions, EXO Mobile Diagnostic Center, environmental monitoring box, cow collar, self-management terminals and digital signage.

IoT Parking Sensors Installed in Bahía Blanca

As part of the third and last stage of the deployment of the ESParking solution, the city of Bahía Blanca started the installation of parking sensors.

Trade Mission for the electronics sector Mexico City 2019

Through this trade mission, contact was established for marketing between EXO and foreign companies, through the organization of collective business visits.

EXO participated in Smart City Expo 2019

At the Microsoft Smart City exhibitors' booth, EXO deployed a set of wireless sensors based on LaRaWAN technology and the Control Board currently used by the Municipality of Bahía Blanca.

EXO present at the IoT Day the business revolution

EXO was present at the Internet of Things Conference organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic, Electromechanical and Lighting Industries (CADIEEL).

IoT Day Argentina EXO presented the ESParking and CDM solution.

On the world day of IoT (Internet of Things), the Argentine Chamber of Internet (CABASE) organized for the first time the "IoT Day", EXO presented its IoT solution for intelligent parking and Mobile Diagnostic Center (CDM).

Exolinked makes smart parking possible in Argentina

Parking in big cities can be a difficult challenge to achieve. Faced with this problem, Exolinked, the IoT division of EXO, has developed a smart parking solution.

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