Internet of Things

Intelligent waste and recyclables management solution

Get real-time data on the filling and emptying of urban waste and recyclable containers.

Exolinked intelligent waste management

Our intelligent solution for waste management verifies the level of filling and emptying of urban containers for both conventional and recyclable waste, thus guaranteeing the hygiene and correct functioning of the collection system.

Practical benefits

Analyze in real time the filling percentage of the containers, using wireless sensors or scales.

Based on the level and frequency of filling of urban containers, you can plan optimized routes of truck traffic and even prevent reinforcements in times of increased demand.

With container emptying you can find out in detail the efficiency of your hygiene fleet.

IoT equipment for intelligent waste management

Technical features

We have Dashboard-based software solutions that allow clear monitoring of sensing and telemetry, taking data from an On-Premise cloud, Microsoft Azure, and software connectors to integrate with other data clouds.

Ultrasonic sensor to measure volume.

Moisture sensor for measuring liquids in containers.

Balance / Scale to measure the weight of the container.

Accelerometer to detect movements (opening, tilt).

RFIDRFID or Radio Frequency Identification (Radio Frequency Identification) for identification of collection trucks. for identification of collection trucks.

Intelligent alerts via SMS, email, or other messaging systems.

Use cases

Shopping malls
Private companies
Urban public spaces
Cities and Municipalities

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