We provide the technology, knowledge and experience to find fast, easy and safe implementations in the Internet of Things that allow improving the quality of life, saving resources and optimizing processes and systems.

We know about digital transformation

Exolinked is the IoT division of EXO Technologies

We started our activity in 1978. And, for more than a decade, we have been capitalizing on our experience in services associated with the management of IT infrastructure, to later create specialized technical units, such as: telemedicine, renewable energies, 3D printing, connectivity by optical fiber and wireless networks, plus the integration of software engineering.

We accompany our clients in their DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION processes and we are consolidated in the related technologies, such as INTERNET OF THINGS, EDUCATION, BIG DATA and CYBER SECURITY, among others.

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Our certifications commit us to quality


ISO: 9001: 2015

It endorses our commitment to maintain the highest quality standards in the development of solutions.


ISO 14001:2015

It validates us as a responsible technology company in the incorporation within our work processes, of an environmental management system.

Both certifications lead to an integrated management system for the following activities

Design, production, implementation and operation of technological solutions

Design and production of electronic, mechanical and digital systems

Pre and post-sales technical support service

Software design and production

Training Service

icon strategic alliances with partners

Strategic Alliances

Beyond the elaboration of global technological solutions for companies and governments, we make agreements and partnerships with different business partners, among which we can highlight

Microsoft Partner
Intel Technology Provider Platinum 2020
Municipality of Bahia Blanca
IoT Bridge


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Development of scalable solutions

Our differential feature is the ability to realize projects in scale. We have experts to interpret expectations and agree on the scope of each contract. Therefore, we carry out each new projected solution, carrying out the following roadmap:






The client is the one who chooses within the menu of possibilities, being the Proof of Concept the initial level and, the Serial Production together with the massive implementation, the adequate level that assures the success of the project.


Icon strategic step system

Strategic step system

Within this roadmap are a number of important steps, which allow us to effectively reach the desired product. These are:

Proof of Concept (PoC)

With the client's requirements already surveyed, we carry out studies that confirm the feasibility and the business model or idea, based on the technological resources. A report is delivered with the analysis, and different recommendations that allow you to visualize a greater potential detail of the concept.

Test of Value (PoV)

It includes a series of activities that survey industrial, commercial and technological processes, and assign strategies that provide economic benefits based on their optimization. This entails a higher level of commitment, since resources are assigned to a structured agenda of activities and results.


It provides a materialized vision of the concept, usually oriented to small-scale implementation, supported by a series of engineering services. It is the technological unit reflected in its initial version, which will allow establishing a future massification of the project.


It is the version closest to the final one, implemented in a productive environment designated by the client. It usually demands a technical follow-up guard, for a tuning that stabilizes the system.

Release Candidate

It is the functional version which has all the necessary technical adjustments, already implemented, and with additional material such as: manuals and design documents, which allow supporting the commercial activities carried out by the client, both in events and in internal meetings, commercial actions, etc. This step involves a number of hours of professional services, necessary to give a correct support.

Minimal production run

It is the minimum production to develop and to invoice. This amount is defined according to the strategies of presence in markets and channels, or any other segment, which returns an effective feedback before ordering higher volumes of the solution. This series includes the delivery of integration of hardware and software components, accompanied by documentation and approvals required.

Serial Production

It corresponds to the already mature, or final, versions of the solution itself, which are ready to be applied in commercial and/or technical, massive projects.