Intelligent private parking - IoT

Mobile App for Reservation and Payment

Available for Android and iOS. Simplifies the reservation and management of private parking lots.

Our application facilitates the management of private parking lots. It allows you to reserve parking spaces remotely, manage a virtual wallet to recharge prepaid balance and have a complete record of usage history on the platform.

Everything at the reach of a smartphone. Available on Android and iOS.

Platform accessible from any web browser

  • It offers the possibility of making remote reservations through a prepaid system, thus eliminating on-site payment delays.
  • It provides updated information on the degree of occupancy.
  • Each new update is transparent to the users of the platform.
  • The design can be customized to fit the style of each mobile platform.
  • It allows the registration of users and the storage of their profile data both locally and remotely.

Smart private parking

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More components for your intelligent private parking project:

Parking Sensors

Wide variety of sensors, either flush or surface mounted, together with light signals to signal occupancy and space reservation in garages.

Payment terminals

Our self-management terminals are robust and versatile, ideal for spaces with high concurrency. Customizable to enhance the user experience.

Management Software

Total control of revenues and movements in the parking management platform. Download reports and histories in real time.

Mobile Application for Reservation and Payment

App available for Android and iOS that allows you to make reservations, manage a virtual wallet for prepaid recharges and keep track of usage.

Totem ID (Access Control)

Ideal solution for private parking lots with powerful processing and efficient bidirectional reading. Withstands extreme conditions and complies with ISO standards.

Digital Signage

Personalize multimedia and advertising content, plan guidelines and display relevant information. A versatile and dynamic system, available and manageable at all times.

Barrier and Metal Mass Detector

Single-phase barrier with quick opening and automatic closing detector for security and access control in parking lots and entrances.

People Access Control

Entrance and exit control with turnstiles for ID cards and facial scanner with real-time temperature recording.

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