EXO present at the IoT Day the business revolution

Oct 5, 2018

During the event, officials and representatives of the business and scientific sectors were present and a strategic plan for the development of the Internet of Things in Argentina was presented.

EXO presented its IoT Smart Parking solutionEXO's Smart Parking solution, which allows municipalities and governments to significantly improve the parking experience for users and, at the same time, to have a reliable, flexible, transparent and secure collection system.

The EXO system can be complemented, using much of the deployed hardware, with features associated with smart cities, such as panic buttons, asset tracking, air quality measurement, sewer status, among others.

"The solution works with a group ofwirelessly connected sensors that remotely report free parking spaces, the user sees it from an app on his Smartphone and makes the payment from the same.


The solution also allows the incorporation of alternative payment methods, such as parking meters or kiosk control panels.


The municipalities have access to a complete traceability of the management of metered parking, being able to consult their collection online and compare it with the degree of occupation", said Eng. Daniel Gallego, Commercial Manager of EXO Intelligent Systems.

"The world is evolving towards a new stage known as Industry 4.0 in which new technologies and innovations will impact the production of goods and services, the management of governments and the daily life of citizens, which will substantially change the economy and the business models of companies", explained Guillermo Freund, member of CADIEEL 's Board of Directors during the event.

PDF presentation Exolinked: http://cadieel.org.ar/documentos/EXO_IoT.pdf

More information: http://www.cadieel.org.ar/electronica/informe-final-internet-de-las-cosas-la-revolucion-de-los-negocios/

EXO present at the IoT Day the business revolution
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EXO booth with its IoT Smart Parking Solution
DATCO Group and EXO strategic alliance

DATCO Group and EXO strategic alliance

The strategic alliance between the DATCO Group and the company EXO was celebrated and as a starting point we began with the development and manufacturing process of different sensors to be connected to the Sigfox Network, responding to various industry segments.

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