DATCO Group and EXO strategic alliance

Apr 26, 2021

Polo Tecnológico de Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Under the premise of being companies that coexist in the challenging world of technological solutions, DATCO Group and EXO found the exact complementary point to form a strategic alliance, approaching the real needs of a world in constant evolution.

Connectivity, analytics, production and development come together through this alliance, providing Intelligent Solutions to customers who want to find real answers to their needs.

As a starting point, we began the process of developing and manufacturing different iot sensors to be connected to the Sigfox Network, responding to the segments of Industry, Tourism, Municipalities, ISPs, Cooperatives, among others.

In a complex economic situation, these companies, widely recognised and present, are lending a hand to bring technology to where it is needed.

The alliance was celebrated at the Polo Tecnológico de Parque Patricios Buenos Aires Argentina, in the presence of executives from both companies, and the presidents Horacio Martínez (Datco) and Luis Szychowski (EXO).

DATCO Group and EXO strategic alliance