Exolinked makes smart parking possible in Argentina

Jul 10, 2016

EXO developed a smart parking solution with Intel technology.

This IoT solution enables the rapid ordering of traffic and the integration of multiple payment systems.


Parking in big cities is becoming increasingly complicated

Parking in big cities can be a difficult challenge to achieve. It is common to see cars double-parked or parked in prohibited places such as handicapped parking spaces, creating traffic chaos and parking complications, even in neighborhoods far from the city center.

Faced with this problem, Exolinked, the IoT division of the company EXO, developed a smart parking solution with Intel technology.


An adaptable and scalable solution

ExolinkedSmart Parking was designed to be integrated in both cities and private spaces. The solution is implemented in a practical way, adding effective benefits such as fast traffic management and integration of multiple payment systems.

"The intelligent parking solution is a great bet of EXO that aims to benefit both users and cities and private parking lots. With our technology we continue to develop solutions for society's problems," says Daniel Gallego, Manager of intelligent systems at exolinked.


How does it work?

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  • Exolinked' s smart parking solution is comprised of a set of sensors housed within a secure cabinet, which are installed in the roadway and monitor parking spaces.
  • The sensors measure the occupied and free spaces, and reflect this information in real time on amap, allowing users to access it from a mobile application.
  • The information from the sensors is collected by repeaters, which in turn report free and occupied positions to a central gateway.
  • The gateway reports this information to the cloud, where the control center that determines the start and end time of each space is hosted.
  • The payment of occupancy time can be made through the same App, and electronic collection stations, strategically located in cities and towns.
  • The form of payment can be through a credit card, or also integrating micropayment systems such as SUBE or similar.


Multiple benefits

  • In terms oforder and environmental care, by allowing motorists to quickly find a place to park their vehicle, the solution speeds up vehicle traffic and reduces pollution in cities.
  • Users optimize their travel time for their personal priorities thanks to mobile technology from which they can access a map with free parking. In addition, the various modern payment stations and payment methods speed up the transaction.
  • Businesses in urban areas and private spaces benefit from the solution by making revenue transparent and improving revenue, accessing revenue projections through analytical systems. Resulting in a very profitable, with a quick return on initial investment.


Learn about the components of the smart urban parking solution.

Exolinked makes smart parking possible in Argentina
Exolinked Smart Parking
infographics Exolinked smart parking solution
infographics Exolinked smart parking solution
Exolinked Smart Parking
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