EXO enters the IoT universe with its Exolinked division

Oct 20, 2015

EXO, a national technology company, presents its new Exolinked division to provide solutions to an increasingly connected world and objects.

TheInternet of Things (IoT) describes the ability to interconnect everyday objects or devices with the Internet. The physical world and nature will be interconnected, making it possible to take advantage of objects and achieve benefits both for the everyday household and for public and private services and systems.

Where can the Internet of Things be applied?

The Exolinked IoT platform provides intelligence for the home, businesses, municipalities and individuals.

It is a set of hardware components, software and consulting services, implementation and maintenance that allows the interconnection of devices that transmit reliable data for analysis and control, allowing the rapid development of projects and solutions.

EXO offers everything from home solutions to large systems for the entire market. Through various sensors and actuators that are installed in a home, a company or a city. These elements connect and interact with the multiprotocol device via cable or wireless network.

"IoT can connect a household appliance to facilitate tasks, further deepen the intelligence currently applied in the field of health and medicine, and improve the use of natural resources, the management of cities and the way of doing business," said Eng. Daniel Gallego, commercial manager Intelligent Systems - EXOSA.

Exolinked Gateways with Intel technology allow you to collect data from sensors and other devices within a network, process the information, send data to other servers, and command actuators remotely.

In turn, this connection has a location on an event server, hosts everything that corresponds to the information from the sensors and actuators, and then people control it from a PC or smartphone, collecting that information.

"We provide the technology, knowledge and experience to find fast, easy and safe implementations in the Internet of Things that allow improving the quality of life, saving resources and optimizing processes and systems," said the executive.

Some Internet of Things applications


  • Camera monitoring systems
  • Home alarm systems
  • Exhaust gas sensors
  • Remote Light Switching
  • Home panic buttons



EXO enters the IoT universe with its Exolinked division
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